On Our Way To Change

Posted: December 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

Video Games have a long way to go from liberating itself from being a male only hobby. Video games have come a long way as well. Some developers are doing a great job of creating well-rounded female protagonists.

Alyx Vance From Half-life

Take Alyx Vance for example. Although she’s the sidekick to the main character, Gordon Freeman, she’s still strong and independent. and unlike Lara Croft, Alyx is non-sexualized but still witty, strong and helps keep the main character alive. A review on Gamespot said

Battles can get crazy, but with Alyx covering your back, there’s nothing that you can’t do.

She was included in Game Informer’s list of Most Influential Characters of the Last Decade. Oh, and did I mention she’s half Asian half African American?

Another reason to hope for the world of gaming is actress Felicia Day. She’s the creator of the show The Guild which is about the real lives of MMO players.  Felicia is a woman who does a great job of representing gamer girls.

Felicia Day

Although male-dominated games have a long way to go, the fact is they are making a step by including women as playable characters. The game Fable you could only play as a male character, however, in the next two installments they added female playable characters. In Gears of War 3 and Halo Reach it’s the same story. The fact is that they are recognizing that the number of girl games are increasing, and catering to this change.

Fable II Female Character


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