Women in War

Posted: December 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

War games are among the most successful games available. Call of Duty, Metal of Honor, Bad Company ,to name a few. Most of the games depict realistic weapons, environments, situations and scenarios that are included in war. Yet, for being so realistic, there’s still an absence of female soldiers in the games.

Women have played a tremendous role in serving this country, so what is the reason for the absence of their presence in games? Kotaku asked the same question of Gordon Van Dyke, producer of the warfare game, Battlefield: Bad Company 2. To which his response was

“There’s no girls in our game…When you actually put in female characters, typically you have to put in an entire new skeleton model and that entire new skeleton model adds an entire new level of animation…You basically double the amount of data and memory for soldiers that would need to go into your game.

“So it turns into one of those things that’s like: How much will putting something like this in give us, whether the rewards of putting something like this in [are worth it]… it becomes more of a balancing act for implementing new things — how many vehicles you can have in a game or how many buildings with destruction…Every time you shoot a building or wall, they [need] to see it when it happens…

To that, Kotaku asks the important question

Do female characters need to be put in virtual combat? Or, more to the point, are they more important than crumbling walls?

My answer to that, is yes. Not to appease feminist requests of being included in male-dominated games, but for the purpose of paying homage to women who do sacrifice their lives for this country. To exclude women from war games because it’s extra work and not worth it is saying that their presence isn’t important enough.

People can argue the point that not a lot of women play war games, so it doesn’t really matter. However, the fact is that soldiers in the service are given video games as morale boosters as well as to kill time. If a woman in the service picks up a controller and doesn’t see any women in the games, what is that telling her?


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