Games & Homosexuality

Posted: November 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

The option of being a Homosexual in games is much more popular now than it was in the past. In game franchises such as Fable, The Sims and Dragon Age, game creators are making homosexual relationships more accessible to players. However, there is still a representation of homosexuality that still needs to be dealt with.

Goldberg & Kratos Comparison

The God of War franchise is revolves around the main character, Kratos. A tough, stereotypically masculine Spartan man who is out to kill the God of War. He is often compared to Pro wrestler, Bill Goldberg. It’s safe to say that Kratos’ bloodlust, strength, body and stone cold personality is seen as true masculinity in our society. Especially when compared to a man who partakes in a masculine sport (Goldberg). However, that plays a small role in the issue I am identifying.

In all three games there are sex mini-games that can be played. In the games there’s always more than one women involved in the mini-games. In the first game there are two nude maidens in bed, where you are able to start the mini-game with them. The act is not shown, although it is clear to figure out. In the second game there are two topless women in a bath-house, in the third game, in Aphrodite’s chambers the goddess is in bed with two other women who watch during the mini game. In one of the two other versions of the game, Chains of Olympus, Kratos happens upon two women together, one straddling the other. Here, you have the option to have a threesome with them.


Aphrodite With Two Other Women

The women in these games are clearly being shown as sex-craved, easy accessible women. The purpose of this sex-game is not to have equal-opportunity and portray lesbian relationships in games, but instead used to exploit with the function of  titillation. In addition, Kratos is a character in Greek mythology who encompasses “strength.” As the historically masculine figure he comes up to these women who gladly offer themselves to him. My concern is, what message is this conveying to men about lesbians and women in general?

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    Good discussion here.

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