Disney Princesses

Posted: November 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

Stuart Hall talks about the concept of ideology and how, “…groups who own the means of production thereby control the means of producing and circulating a society’s ideas.” Which is exactly what the Disney Corporation does when it comes to their princesses. Disney Princesses portray a certain type of femininity that young girls grow up with. I wanted to specifically look at how this femininity is portrayed on the Disney Princess Website.


Main Menu For Belle

Christine Gledhill discusses high culture vs. mass culture and how mass culture is seen as inferior to the other. She defines mass culture as this:

  • Popular genre conventions
  • Romanticized stereotypes
  • Glamour
  • Emotions
  • Expressive performance
  • Talk about feelings
  • Fantasy
  • Escapism
  • Private domesticity
  • Pleasure
  • Soap Opera

All of these apply to the Disney Princess Website and activities within. The games involve dressing the Princesses up in ornate gowns and accessories for tea parties and balls. They also consist of decorating for parties. Some of the dialogue includes a princess saying:

I need to make sure to set a good example and dress my very best!


The "Games" Available

Through the Princesses, Disney has created a niche and is limiting it as a female genre. Disney is constructing as well as reaffirming cultural definitions of gender, and what a woman is like.


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