“She Got Game”

Posted: November 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

If you would like a larger view of image  click here

Allure is a beauty magazine devoted to woman’s interests. The 2010 October Issue recently had an article titled,  She Got Game as seen in the image above.

Judging by the assumptions the author makes , there’s some important questions that need to be asked of this article.

1. Who does it assume I am?

The article is stereotyping “Romantic comedy” genres as purely feminine. It insinuates that these are the kinds of games that women enjoy playing, and men do not.

2. What does it assume my interests are?

It assumes I like shows such as The Bachelor or Project Runway, when in reality, I don’t. It also assumes that I’m interested in beauty shows or being catty with other women.

My observation is that the author of this article is using the constructivist approach in order to send certain messages to readers. Rather than reflecting on other genres that women might actually be interested in,  they are constructing their own assumptions about what women should like, which in this case is “romantic comedy” type games.

The article is telling something about women, this is what we are supposed to like if we’re girly girls. Furthermore, the use of the expression, “guilty pleasure” insinuates that we aren’t supposed to like video games, and when we do it’s games that deal with catching a guy, fashion, or beauty. Albeit, this is coming from a beauty magazine, yet, they are very much limiting my options and stereotyping readers.


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