Wooing Women Gamers

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

Throughout my blog I have been discussing the issue of Gender and Games. Mainly the way women are portrayed and how that is influencing the culture of gaming as a whole. However, it seems that one probable solution is to have more women having an impact within the industry. Most developers agree. According to a CNN article titled “Wooing Women Gamers“.

Torriee Dorell

The article follows Torrie Dorrell, The senior vice president of global sales and marketing for Sony Online Entertainment.

According to the article, “Studies and sales data have shown that women are more likely to play hand-held casual games, such as the Nintendo DS, along with social oriented games such as ‘The Sims,‘ where women make up more than 55 percent of players.” It goes on to say, “Though the number of women who play games is high, they represent just under 12 percent of the industry, according to the International Game Developers Association.

The gaming industry is so desperate to have women in the field that they started a  scholarship program called, “G.I.R.L.” (Gamers In Real Life). The purpose is to attract girls into joining the gaming industry.

It is apparent that women in the industry are wanted by game developers. This is not only for the purpose of having diversity in the field, but also to reverse the stereotype of women as “casual gamers”. They know that women in the field will help balance the extreme issues that have been discussed in the blog thus far.



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