Imagine Game Series: Beneficial?

Posted: October 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

“What’s your daughter’s dream job? With Imagine® video games for Nintendo DSiTM and DS, she can try them all! Whether she wants to be a fashion designer, teacher, zookeeper, or an artist, the Imagine series has a game for her. Each game features easy-to-follow storylines, fun mini-games, and the ability to share rewards and items with friends. Plus, Imagine video games encourage creativity through character customization and player-created designs!”
The Imagine game Series by Ubisoft is extremely successful, having sold 4 million copies worldwide back in 2008.

Here’s some of the Imagine games out there:

  • Imagine Resort Owner
  • Imagine Babysitters
  • Imagine Teacher
  • Imagine Animal Doctor
  • Imagine Makeup Artist
  • Imagine Boutique Owner
  • Imagine Party Planner
  • Imagine Fashion Designer
  • Imagine Cheerleader
  • Ubisoft may be patting themselves on the back for being “the first” to create a line of games that are committed solely to the tween girl demographic, but they shouldn’t take all the credit. All Ubisoft did was use classic girl toys and make them into games. When girls used to play with baby dolls, kitchenettes, dress-up clothes and their mother’s makeup, it was the same concept. Only, back then, kids actually used their own imagination.
    \According to Ubisoft they,“…conduct substantial research each year to understand what tween girls are interested in, what they like about our current games, and what they think could be improved…”
    That’s fine and dandy but this method almost seems arbitrary. Ubisoft is asking girls what they want to play for career experimental games, when they want to play these games because that’s what they’re told is feminine or cool. It then becomes a vicious cycle. Of course little girls want to do hair, and of course they want to be fashionistas. This method is a way to get make money from the games. By insuring that these are the games girls want, there won’t be a risk in a loss of profit. However, if Ubisoft were to put out a more diverse range of games, it would help girls realize that there’s more out there for them than fashion and babies.

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