Wet Video Game Trailer Analysis

Posted: October 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Game trailers are used for the purpose of enticing consumers and also giving background story to games in a concise way. A method in which to do this in 4 minutes? Using signs. All these signs are thrown at us while watching game trailers, and it’s up to the viewer to catch everything and put the pieces together. My analysis is going to focus on a game called Wet. The first game trailer has more of an overview of the game but the second one is a little trickier to analyze. By decoding the messages that are being sent to viewers, we can better figure out what messages the creators are trying to convey.

E3 Wet Game Trailer:
• Filmy grain texture
• Gang “notorious killer”
• Red still background
• Shot Whiskey Bottle
• Music
• Description “Hired Gun”
• Rubi versus everyone
• Red & White scene
• Fire in background
• Lock, Load, & Live to tell about it
• Car Chases
• Wet Western Logo
I’ll pick some of the more important signs and analyze them.

1. Filmy grain texture:

  • Denotation: Filmy grain texture= Aged
  • Connotation: Movie-like game, Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Old Western

2. Shot Whiskey Bottle:

  • Denotation: Bottle=Whiskey
  • Connotation: Anger, Drunkard, depression, masculine.

3. Music:

  • Denotation: Music=Guitar
  • Connotation: Tough, action-packed, Western.

4. Hired Gun:

  • Denotation: “Hired Gun”= Mercenary
  • Connotation: Killer, tough

Sierra Game Trailer
• Junkyard
• Old Plane Home
• Liquor, empty shot glasses
• Crate of weapons
• Solitary sword
• Bathtub
• Music (Harmonica)
• Text message, “It’s on ice” (Long term storage)
• Heart on ice
• Beer
• Naked in lawn chair

1. Music:

  • Denotation: Sound=Harmonica
  • Connotation: Western, Solo

2. Liquor, empty shot glasses:

  • Denotation: Bottle & glasses= Liquor
  • Connotation: Depressed, tough

3. Bathtub:

  • Denotation: Bathtub=Nude
  • Connotation: Attractive woman, relaxing, desirable

4. Naked in lawn Chair:

  • Denotation: Lawn Chair= Naked
  • Connotation: Lack of Scruples, alone

5. Weapons:

  • Denotation: Weapons= Guns & Sword
  • Connotation: Killer, dangerous, masculine

6. Text Message:

  • Denotation: Phone= Message, “It’s on ice”
  • Connotation: Long-term storage, mission accomplished

7. Beer:

  • Denotation: Bottle= Beer
  • Connotation: Masculine, relaxing

By analyzing the signs from the game it’s easier to figure out what the creators are saying. My conclusion is that the creators were trying to portray Rubie as a very masculine, dangerous, sexy woman. The creators used signs like the bathtub, alcohol, possession of weapons, lone wolf attitude and nudity. The message that Rubi as a character is sending to players is, “desire me, but don’t come near me.”
To further prove my point, try to imagine the trailers with a male character instead. In the first trailer showing one person go up against 3 powerful people, wouldn’t be as impressive with a male character. I can guarantee that the second trailer would NOT have shown a man in a bathtub, naked, or him sitting naked on a lawn chair.
The creators were sending a message that only works using a sexy, female character. And that female character is someone to be feared and desired.

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