Posted: October 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

The topic I will be examining for this blog assignment is The Politics of Gender and the Gender of Politics.  I am going to focus on the exploitation of women in video games, those who play them and those in the gaming industry.  This personally effects me because I am a woman who enjoys playing video games and I hope to somehow be involved in the gaming industry in the future. When I see a half naked woman in a game I get upset and I wonder who their target audience is. If the truth is that woman are becoming more prominent in the gaming world, then why does it still seem more geared towards guys? Why are the “girl” games offered for the DS games like Cooking Mama and Imagine Cheerleader?

The numbers of female gamers is exponentially increasing. More and more games are becoming female friendly by adding playable female characters. The gaming industry is also supporting this growth by creating groups like “Frag Dolls.” According to their site, “The Frag Dolls are a team of professional female gamers recruited by Ubisoft to promote their video games and represent the presence of women in the game industry.” I’d say that’s pretty cool stuff right there. But there is still a dominant presence of sexism in the industry. This is what I want to look into. I believe that the women that are portrayed in video games are setting up false expectations for men. I want to study popular video game sites such as IGN and Gamespot and see how they portray women on the site. I will be examining  video games and see what presence women have in them, or lack thereof. I will also study popular gaming media outlets such as the channel G4, and the magazine Game Informer. I want to see if I can find games that have female characters that can be seen as positive role models for girls.

In addition, I’d like to somehow discover what their target audience is, if that is possible. I also want to look at famous woman advocates of video games and see how they exploit themselves. Another way of evaluating this subject is by looking at women who play video games themselves. To be specific, I would like to look at Cosplay (costume role play) and how women live vicariously through the fictional characters they dress up as.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to sources for this topic. As far as I know, it will be pretty easy it find sexism in this topic as well.

I would like to make something clear: my purpose is not to point a finger at men and blame them for all these issues. I want to know why there is still so much exploitation and why some women exploit themselves.



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